IGNIS 2 – Matrice 600 Variant
August 2019

Ignis capabilities

  • Uses standard Dragon Egg spheres and full strength antifreeze
  • Recommended load of 400 spheres, drop rate of up to 120 spheres per minute
  • Area coverage assuming typical conditions and loads of 400 ignition spheres:
Hours of
Spheres to be dropped per acre
1 2 3 5 10
1 hour 700 acres 675 acres 650 acres 600 acres 250 acres
4 hours 1300 acres 2200 acres 2100 acres 1900 acres 800 acres
8 hours 4500 acres 4300 acres 4200 acres 3800 acres 1600 acres
  • Fast-reload: single operator reload time is 2-5 minutes
  • Lightweight, durable construction (1.88kg empty, 4kg fully loaded)
  • Delivered with robust custom transport case
  • Onboard sensors for obstruction, resistance, and temperature
  • Fault tolerant subsystems
  • Supports external camera mounts
  • Remote emergency release system

Android App capabilities

  • Fly, monitor, and control the drone and Ignis. View video feed from drone.
  • Create geofence to ensure Ignis won’t drop outside that area.
  • Place waypoints and autonomously ignite burn lines.
  • Configure ignition spacing, number of ignition spheres, mission duration, and altitude.
  • Download offline satellite imagery and elevation maps to fly in backcountry areas.
  • Setup Ignis over short-range bluetooth without using the drone.
  • Calibrate drone compass, view drone diagnostics, and configure drone settings.
  • Save flight logs and drop locations to spreadsheet file.

Get it on Google Play

Drone Datasheet Diagram
Manual trigger
Image showing autonomous ignition, geofence, and kmz overlay
Touch locations on the map to create waypoints for autonomous terrain-following flight, and then select sections of the path to drop ignition spheres along.