Proven Technology. American Made and Funded

Drone Amplified pioneered the industry of unmanned aerial ignition with the internationally patented IGNIS, providing a new technology for public and private fire management entities. In fact, we were the first to use this technology to ignite prescribed burns on private and federal lands. Now it is widely used and available to you.

IGNIS provides a means of performing aerial ignition in previously impossible and unsafe conditions like total inversions or managing fires in the middle of the night. Our App was designed for firefighters and incorporates advanced features such as KLM/Z editing and mission planning, burn plan imports, offline terrain maps, and much more.

From the coastal planes of Florida to the remotest locations in Alaska, IGNIS is providing a safe, affordable, innovative means of managing fire.

Sending IGNIS in is Safer and More Affordable.

Drones are changing how things are done across many industries today. IGNIS integrates with American made drones. Through our app, you control where the drone flies, what it sees, and where and when to ignite the fire. This keeps personnel safe from having to go into fires on the ground.

And, an investment in IGNIS costs your organization significantly less than investing in helicopters and other traditional technologies.

We offer a host of additional products to assure the efficient management of IGNIS and fire management.

Proven Technology. American Made and Funded.

Drone Amplified, the inventor of IGNIS, spent years researching this technology and was the first to use it to ignite prescribed fires with a drone on private and federal lands. The company has an exclusive license agreement with NUTech Ventures and grants which facilitated additional development, testing, and refinement of the concept into the product available on the market today.

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Check out this recording to learn more about the technological capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (AKA drones) in fire management. Patrick Shin of Northern Arizona University and Drone Amplified chief engineer, Jim Higgins, present in this webinar developed in partnership with the Southwest Fire Science Consortium.

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Find out how this revolutionary technology works to make prescribed burns safer and more effective.

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