Now Prescribed Burns are Safer and More Affordable.

Drones are changing how things are done across many industries today. IGNIS puts drones to work managing prescribed burns and monitoring fires.

In fact, we were the first to use this technology to ignite prescribed burns on private and federal lands. Now it is available to you.
Drone in flight

Sending IGNIS in is Safer.

IGNIS mounts to drones, carrying ignitable payloads. You control where the drone flies, what it sees, and where and when to ignite the fire. No need to expose personnel to dangerous situations.

Access to IGNIS is affordable.

IGNIS is available for purchase or lease at a cost significantly lower than helicopters. IGNIS is a more efficient way to manage fires across large, complex areas.

Proven Technology

Drone Amplified, the inventor of IGNIS, spent years researching this technology and was the first to use it to ignite prescribed fires with a drone on private and federal lands.

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