Fire from the air, keep your boots on the ground. 

Aerial Ignition & Drone System Integrations.

We develop cutting-edge payloads, perform complex drone system integrations, and lead the industry in pioneering the IGNIS drone-based aerial ignition system.


Your Mission, Amplified

Drone Amplified revolutionized aerial ignition with the breakthrough IGNIS Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for fire management. Our experts in UAS, robotics, engineering, and computer science excel in solving complex drone integration challenges while complying with US Federal regulations. We are ready to propel your project forward. Contact us to kickstart your endeavor.

We are ready to propel your Drone project. Contact us today to kickstart your endeavor.


Hear from Our Customers

"For me, IGNIS is a true transfer of risk. " 

Joe Suarez, NPS UAS Program Manager

"IGNIS is effective for getting to those tough-to-get-to ridges or terrain that is too dangerous or labor intensive to burn safely."

Steve Stroud, DOI Office of Aviation Services, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Fleet Manager

"[IGNIS] is the biggest change to how we work I’ve seen in 26 years. I wish I had 6 more of these units to fulfill all the requests for burns."

Sam Lindblom, Director of Land Management and Fire Program Manager TNC Virginia

    "For me, IGNIS is a true transfer of risk." 

    Joe Suarez, NPS UAS Program Manager

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