IGNIS Aerial Ignition

Our flagship drone-based aerial ignition technology, IGNIS empowers firefighters with unmatched efficiency, safety, and control during prescribed burn operations.

/get more done

Burn more. 

Burn faster.

Burn safer.


Fire from the air.

Keep your boots on the ground.

Extend your reach across the burn area.

Quickly respond to changing conditions. 

Keep your crew out of harms way.

IGNIS + Alta X



Alta X

IGNIS is a complete drone-based firefighting system. Controlled by an easy to use App and tightly integrated with the Amplified Alta X for maximum efficiency during backburn and prescribed fire operations. 


“IGNIS is effective for getting to those tough-to-get-to ridges or terrain that is either too dangerous or to labor intensive to burn safely.”

- Steve Stroud

Department of the Interior (DOI)

Made for Firefighters.

Made for Firefighters.

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How it Works

Drone Amplified

Drone Amplified has transformed fire management practices with IGNIS, its flagship UAS aerial ignition technology. By employing drones to safely ignite prescribed fires and backburns, IGNIS empowers firefighters to achieve increased efficiency, speed, and safety in their operations. This groundbreaking solution keeps firefighters out of harm's way during high-risk burn operations, significantly reducing the risk of aviation-related wildland firefighting fatalities. 



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