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The IGNIS App is a powerful ground control station, purpose-built for aerial ignition and other precision-critical missions. The essential tool for firefighters and pilots using PX4 based systems.

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Enhanced Mission Control

Import KMZ, KML, and PDF Overlays

Import KMZ, KML, and PDF Map Overlays

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    Enhanced Mission Planning

    • Autonomous Waypoint Missions

      Easily plan, store, and execute autonomous waypoint missions.

    • Terrain-Aware Mission Planning

      Download and visualize elevation maps for safer, terrain-aware flight and mission planning.

    • Seamless Map Overlays

      KMZ, KML, and PDF map overlays, enhance mission planning with real-world data.

    Advanced Ignition Control

    • High-Precision Ignition Lines

      Achieve accurate and controlled burn lines during aerial ignition missions for optimal fire control and management.

    • Seamless Ignition Control

      Take manual control during aerial ignition operations, allowing for precise adjustments based on real-time fire behavior.

    • Ignition Geofence Boundary

      Set boundaries for ignition operations, ensuring ignitions occur only within specified areas, enhancing safety and compliance.

    Autonomous ignition, geofence, and kmz overlay

    Fly With Confidence

    • ADS-B In Integration

      Monitor other aircraft in the vicinity, maintaining situational awareness and avoiding potential conflicts during missions.

    • Comprehensive Flight Logging

      Leverage transect tools to plan precise ignition lines across your burn area. 

    • Automated Safety Procedures

      Implement automated safety procedures such as Return to Home (RTH) to safeguard your drone in case of emergencies.

    Compatible with PX4 - Based Systems

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