Drone Amplified Expands Drone-Based Firefighting Capabilities with Inspired Flight Partnership

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Lincoln, Nebraska (4/22/2024) – Drone Amplified, a leader in drone-based firefighting technology, announces a strategic partnership with Inspired Flight Technologies (IFT), a top provider of advanced unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). This partnership brings Drone Amplified’s cutting-edge IGNIS 2 aerial ignition system to the Inspired Flight IF1200A drone platform.

Drone Amplified’s IGNIS 2, an innovative drone-based solution used for prescribed fires and backburns, offers firefighters a safer and more efficient method of fire ignition. IGNIS 2 integrates seamlessly with the IF1200A, a powerful and versatile drone. This new integration enhances efficiency with extended flight durations and reduced operational costs, delivered on a compact platform.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Inspired Flight and see Drone Amplified’s IGNIS 2 integrated with the IF1200A,” said Dan Justa, from Drone Amplified. “This combination creates an incredibly effective tool for wildland firefighters and land managers, lowering costs and prioritizing safety.”

Drone Amplified’s IGNIS 2 now supports two American-made drones: the Freefly Systems Alta X and Inspired Flight IF1200A.

The IGNIS 2 system precisely initiates prescribed fire operations by deploying standard Dragon Egg ignition spheres into targeted areas from the air. Key benefits of Drone Amplified’s IGNIS 2 system include:

  • Increased Efficiency: Rapidly ignite fires in large or difficult-to-access areas.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduce risk to ground firefighting personnel by igniting areas from the air.
  • Precision and Control: Targeted ignition for optimal fire management strategies.

“This milestone integration and partnership enables us to extend this vital capability to our nation’s firefighting professionals, aligning perfectly with our core mission of saving lives, conserving resources and creating jobs” said Adam Bilmes, Co-Founder of Inspired Flight. “The unique capabilities of the IF1200A system allow for the deployment of this integration in a more portable and cost-effective manner, improving the efficacy of aerial firefighting.”

The Inspired Flight IF1200A is a reliable heavy-lift hexacopter designed as a direct replacement for the DJI M600 for the United States Air Force. Over 30 minutes of usable flight time is available when equipped with the IGNIS 2 and Gremsy VIO EO/IR camera. Its robust, yet user-friendly design helps to ensure consistent mission effectiveness, even in adverse operational & environmental conditions.

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About Drone Amplified

Drone Amplified is dedicated to advancing firefighting technology through drone-based solutions such as the IGNIS 2 aerial ignition system. Drone Amplified empowers agencies and professionals with cutting-edge UAS technology, designed to enhance operational capabilities and safety to transform their missions.

About Inspired Flight

A Veteran-owned company founded in 2017, Inspired Flight manufactures and supports highly capable and agile UAS platforms for both commercial and government applications. Thoughtful hardware design and a willingness to engineer tailored solutions for specific requirements are some of the many reasons why agencies turn to Inspired Flight for their UAS programs. With a keen understanding of the challenges operators face, our vehicles are designed for repeatable and robust workflows, enabling users to complete objectives with maximum safety & operational efficiency.