Simply download the IGNIS App and it’s up and running!

Explore the Many Uses of the IGNIS App offering a World of Benefits for IGNIS and Non-IGNIS Users.

With features for firefighters and other organizations that need knowledge of land elevations, altitude and mapping, there really is nothing like the IGNIS App.

  • Easily plan and execute waypoint missions to let the drone fly itself and ignite precise burn lines or use full manual operation.
  • Multiple layers of safety built in, including a geofence that disallows ignitions outside the specified area.
  • Enhance safety by monitoring other aircraft in the area with ADS-B In.
  • Maintain situational awareness by importing burn plans and maps with geo-referenced PDFs, KML/KMZs, and other formats for offline use.

The IGNIS App runs on a range of controllers, including the Herelink Blue controller augmented with a tablet for larger viewing. Plus, the App can communicate with IGNIS via short-range Bluetooth for easy setup without the drone or controller.


With a bird’s eye map view, live video and telemetry, gimbal control, and the ability to take photos and video, our Android App has all of the features necessary to interface with a range of drones, including the Freefly ALTA X, Inspired Flight IF1200, DJI drones, and others. Try it out FREE by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

mapsAccess and Download Offline Maps

Download satellite imagery, street maps and topographic maps for later use, so you can anticipate and confidently fly in areas that don’t have an internet connection.

elevationCalculate Altitude with Downloaded Elevation Maps

Download elevation maps for terrain-aware flight and missions. The app uses the elevation maps to calculate the drone’s altitude above ground level, for safer flight and easier compliance with airspace regulations. See a “side view” of your planned waypoint mission and adjust the altitude of individual waypoints to avoid obstacles and maintain a constant altitude above the ground.

shape overlayImport KMZ, KML, and PDF Map Overlays

Import shapefiles from Google Earth or georeferenced PDF files from ArcGIS. The IGNIS App will display them as overlays on the map while you fly and allows editing of custom KML/KMZ files.

App setupDrone Setup

Configure a variety of settings on your drone and remote controller, and also perform compass calibrations with our App. See training video and manual.

flight loggingAutomatic Flight Logging

Our App will automatically log flights and ignition locations to a file on your mobile device that can be opened by common spreadsheet programs. The file can also be imported into


For Px4 users with IGNIS: Get it on Google Play
For DJI users with IGNIS: Get it on Google Play
For DJI users without IGNIS: Get it on Google Play