Smart Dovetail MicaSense Altum-PT

The Smart Dovetail MicaSense Altum-PT is a plug and play multi-spectral sensor integration for the Freefly Systems Astro and Amplified Alta X. Drone Amplified merges the MicaSense Altum-PT with a smart dovetail to enable advanced remote sensing and data synchronization.

  • 12 MP High-Resolution Panochromatic Sensor: capture the world in stunning detail with the cutting-edge panochromatic sensor. Enabling enhanced multispectral image clarity, it achieves a high ground resolution of 1.25 cm per pixel / 0.47 in per pixel at 60 m / 200 ft altitude, enabling detailed aerial imagery.
  • FLIR Boson Thermal Imager: built-in 320 x 256 FLIR Boson® thermal sensor, capable of generating detailed thermal maps with a 17 cm / 6.7 in ground sample distance from 60 m / 200 ft altitude, ensuring accurate thermal imaging.
  • Five 3.2MP Spectral Band Sensors: comprehensive spectral data across multiple bands.
  • Downwelling Light Sensor: measure ambient light and sun angle across the camera’s five multispectral bands to enable adjustment for lighting variations mid-flight, like changes caused by cloud cover.
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